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Technical Intermission

You’ll have noticed (or not, since with any luck I am typing into a void. Or Google. Which is more or less the same thing.) that content has been somewhat sparse.

As you might imagine, in the intervening time entire new technical edifices have been founded, matured and then fallen. Much like the careers of minor Britpop beat combos. If I cared I would go look for some evidence of the internet version of, say, Powder or, er, Menswear for a laugh. MongoDB? Who knows.

What I’m failing to get at is that I’d forgotten how to drive Octopress-on-github, had failed to commit and push the last live post (the one about DNS), ruby had changed and no longer worked right because I’d forgotten how/why to drive rbenv, the way that github pages work had changed and it wasn’t obvious that ‘bundle exec rake deploy’ was even doing a damn thing.

I would like to present that as an example of an entirely rubbish workflow.

So obviously I tried the same things as before, because doing the same thing twice always works. Then I thought ‘This workflow is rubbish. I shall replace it with something I barely understand.’ because obviously.

What thing do I barely understand best? Go.

Are there Octopress->Hugo migration tools? Yes.

Do they work as expected? Patches welcome!

This is why people who don’t have ‘git push -u origin master’ burned into their muscle memory use Wordpress. If your competition is the functional equivalent of a swift rochambeau to the trouser area, this is a warning.

So anyway. This is a long-arse version of a ‘Test. Please ignore.’ message. Let’s see if sarcasm works better than upgrading rbenv.